Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Windows 10 installation & Upgrade from Windows 8.1

It was quite a coincedence that i recieved my Surface the same day Microsoft did the Windows 10 preview and today i have Windows 10 on my Surface.

Before i upgraded my Surface to Windows 10, i thought to do a fresh install on a VM running locally on the Hyper-V. The insatllation steps looks quite similar to Windows 8/8.1 so not much fun here..

Accept the License Terms
Select the Type of Installation
Hardisk Partition

Let the magic begin

Reboot the machine

Setting up stuff for 

Taking care of few things

Windows Feedback Applicaiton

Since, the installation was easy and OS looks quite interesting, i planned to do an upgrade on my Surface to test out things and provide feedback to Microsoft. 

Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 9

I extracted the ISO on my Surface and ran the setup. The steps were quite easy but the only difference i found was, that i didnt ask me to install the OS from scratch or just to do an upgrade on the existing one. I believe Microsoft is planning to release it as an Upgrade like they did for Windows 8.1.

Although, Upgrade was quite simple and all my applications were fine but please note, since it was my new Surface, i still didnt have the complete blown up version of the OS i use on day to day basis. If you may install the OS as dual boot via booting from ISO, i believe but still needs to be tested.

Go to Windows Preview site to download the OS and help build a better OS. (Only if you know how & why you wanna do it) 

Some quick facts about security investments in Windows 10:

Some quick facts about security investments in Windows 10:  

  • We have heard about your challenges with Windows 8 and Microsoft Accounts (MSA)
  • We have made Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) a first class citizen.
  • You can use Azure AD identities to log in to your device so users get the same benefits as using an MSA such as store access, settings sync, and live tiles.
  • Organizations can now use their existing AD, federated in the cloud with Azure AD, to do everything they need. No Microsoft Account needed.  
  • Windows 10 includes next generation user credentials
  • Password alternative, easy to deploy
  • Enables SSI everywhere
  • Users get greater convenience while also being more secure
  • Supports Enterprise authentication scenarios as well as consumer authentication scenarios like logging on to a web site 
  • Data protection is a concern we hear a lot about – the need to protect enterprise data against inadvertent disclosure across devices
  • Many existing containerized solutions have confusing and hard to support UX
  • Threshold builds data protection into the natural flow
  • Integrates data protection at the platform level  
  • Per-Application VPN (allows only specific apps to be on the VPN)
    • Application white-list manage by IT using MDM
      • Supports both modern and desktop applications
  • Administrators can restrict remote access to specific applications, and / or with specific port/IP address. For example, IT can allow IT access over the VPN, but restrict to specific ports or IP addresses.
  • Integrated with Enterprise Data Protection platform: IT can use the same list of apps for EDP and allow them to access the VPN.
  • Compatible with existing Windows 8.1 VPN applications: existing inbox VPN clients or Windows Store VPN clients for Windows Phone 8.1 will work with this functionality. 
  • Always-on Connectivity
    • Allows the devices to be always connected to corporate network: the VPN connectivity starts at user log in providing a seamless connection experience.
    • MDM solutions can push the "always-on" VPN profile to mobile devices, without making changes to the supported 3rd party VPN applications (Windows 8.1 inbox, Windows Phone 8.1, or new Threshold third party VPN clients).
    • Improved User Experience: users will have a familiar user experience across Windows Threshold devices. Additionally, 3rd party VPN providers will be able to provide their own User Interface. 
  • Expanded Manageability Options
    • 3rd party MDM solutions can manage both Windows and Windows Phone VPN based remote access  
  • Open to all 3rd Party VPN providers:
    • Any VPN service provider can create a remote access app that leverages these new capabilities.  
  • Store based app distribution:
    • 3rd Party VPN client apps will be distributable through the Threshold Windows Store..
Courtesy: Technet Blogs

Windows 10 :)

Microsoft yesterday released Windows 10 (while the world was quite sure of Windows 9 being the next version of Windows), which surprised the world and the technology pundits.. :)

Windows 10, a blend of Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 to keep everyone happy. This is first time ever Microsoft, launched a preview and opened it for everyone to join and build a stable and amazing

Windows 10 - Preview Event (Courtesy : The Verge)

Check the company blog for more information

If you really want to help build the best Windows ever, join the Insider Program:

Should have more updates on Windows 10 soon..