Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unable to run exe's from the network drives on the Citrix Servers.

One of my colleague came to me with a weird issue..wherein he was not able to run an application over the network on one of the Citrix servers.

Here's the error

It looked like a security permission issue after reading the error message, so we started with the file ACLs and made sure the user account had required privilege. Hmm, the user had the required access & windows was not blocking it.. so we copied the file over to the server and ran it, oops it worked.. 

So, there is something blocking the files to be accessed over the network.. We then decided to dig in a bit more and figure out why its throwing the error..

- Tried opening other files on the same network share - Success
- Tried opening other network share and access other exe's - Failed
- Created a new text file on the share - Success
- Renamed the text file to ".exe" and ran it - Hmm, Failed

By now, we were quite sure that its only impacting the "EXE's".. we therefore quickly pulled up RSOP to check if there is any GPO that is blocking the access but there was nothing..

We consulted our very good friend "Google" and found the fix :)

By design you cannot install apps from a networked drive on the Citrix server. To enable this we changed ExecuteFromMappedDrive to 1 and rebooted the server..

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/Cdm/ Parameters/ExecuteFromMappedDrive

3. To grant users execute permission on mapped drives, set  ExecuteFromMappedDrive to 1. 

Awesome, that fixed the issue.. Thanks Google.. :-)